ALCO-MOT monitors and systematically measures environmental parameters, expands its knowledge in the field of environmental protection and shares it with all its staff with the aim of spreading this knowledge to the local community.

All actions are carried out in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations.

For even better protection against the emergence of environmental hazards caused by the processing of lead for battery parts, ALCO-MOT is a member of the Association of Producers and Importers of Batteries in Poland founded in 1996.

This association includes such organisations as: CENTRA, ZAP SznajderBatterien, Jenox, Autopart, Midac, Five Star, Bosch, Varta, Akuma.

The main objectives of the Association are primarily to protect the rights of producers and importers, and, to a large extent, to promote the ecological principles of battery use and to protect the environment from the hazards arising from them. The Association also seeks to shape public awareness about the need for batteries recycling.

Our plant, due to its location in the city centre and the nature of its business, puts a strong emphasis on care for the environment. We are committed to:

01. Use energy-saving technologies

02. Optimal use of raw materials and natural resources

03. Always minimize the amount of waste

04. Improve the safety of waste and hazardous materials storage

05. Minimize emissions